Varlion and Active Brands Group join forces

Varlion and The Active Brands Group Scandinavia AB join forces to boost the distribution of the brand in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The Active Brands Group Scandinavia AB (ABG) is a company dedicated to the distribution of brands focused on developing innovative sports and health products to a global and international market.

The company was founded in 2015 and already has operations in more than 25 countries. ABG is headquartered in Stockholm and also has offices in Helsinki, Oslo, Bangkok and Shanghai. Its operations and areas of expertise cover the entire value chain, from manufacturing to sales to the end consumer.

Photo: Alexander Rodriguez Forsgren, COO of ABG Felix Regalia CEO & Founder of Varlion, Hélène Briggert CCO of ABG & Pierre Garami CBO of ABG.

This union with Varlion is a great step forward for the internationalization of padel in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Specifically, ABG will be in charge of the official distribution of the brand in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

“We have been looking for the right brand with which to enter the Nordic padel market, and now we feel that, with Varlion, we have found a partner with the same ambitions as ours. We love the heritage of the brand and the superiority of their products, especially the handmade Spanish rackets. The upcoming textile line is amazing and perfect for our markets,”  says Alexander Rodriguez Forsgren, COO of ABG

On the Varlion side, its CEO and founder, Felix Regalia comments:

“After evaluating how to organize our distribution in Scandinavia and assessing the options we had, we thought about setting up a subsidiary in Sweden to properly serve this important market. However, we got to know ABG, and especially the people who manage and work there, and we did not hesitate. We think the same way about how things should be done, and it feels like ABG is an extension of our sales and marketing team – as if the brand itself were distributing its products.

We have high expectations of this partnership, which allows ABG to launch itself in the distribution of padel at the highest level. This agreement gives us the confidence that we will achieve the objectives we have set ourselves to have a serious, responsible distribution, with the creativity and class that Varlion has always had as a company philosophy”.

After signing the agreement between both parties at the Varlion office in Madrid, ABG plans to start marketing the products immediately to coincide with the commercial launch of the brand’s 2022 Collection. Undoubtedly, this union means great news for athletes and padel players in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Photo: Mike Yanguas (Varlion Pro Team player) and Alexander Rodriguez Forsgren (COO of ABG)