Active Brands Group honored with 2023 Gasell Award for the second time in a row

STOCKHOLM, 2024/02/22

Active Brands Group, a house of brands with innovative sports, health, and consumer goods, is thrilled to have been asssigned the DI Gasell Award for the second time in a row. This recognition prove the company’s ongoing strength of continued sustainable growth.

Active Brands Group has emerged as a key player in sports and pharma retail, distributing its broad brand portfolio both locally in the Nordics and globally. The Gasell Award, symbolizing entrepreneurial excellence, is assigned companies showcasing outstanding growth, financial stability, and a dedication to industry leadership.

“We are honored to receive the Gasell Award for the second time. A testament to our team’s dedication and thorough execution, which is more relevant than ever in a rapidly changing world,” says Hélène Briggert, CEO at Active Brands Group. “Since the start in 2015, we have continually expanded our portfolio, entering new markets and solidified our position as a global player.”

About Active Brands Group

Founded in 2015, The Active Brands Group Scandinavia AB is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company focuses on bringing innovative products related to sports, health and other consumer goods to the global market which are distributed and sold globally, primarily through sports and retail chains.

Active Brands Group is currently expanding its existing portfolio while also exploring future acquisitions and partnerships. The team has diverse and strong experience in product development, sourcing, sales, e-commerce, marketing, and distribution.

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