The Active Brands Group Scandinavia AB acquires Natuvital and broadens its portfolio with food supplements

The Active Brands Group Scandinavia AB (ABG) has a wide portfolio of brands distributed through the sports and health industry. With Natuvital now part of its offering, they will enter a new segment, food supplements, a great compliment to the current portfolio.

Natuvital has a wide product range within the rehydration product space widely sold at grocery stores, retail stores and pharmacies. ABG sees the potential of also introducing its products in the sports retail market as well as Padel and Tennis clubs.

“We had been looking for some time for a food supplement company with a clear niche in the market. When we found Natuvital, which has the perfect combination of great products and great people, we knew directly that it would be a great match for us. Integrating Natuvital into our infrastructure will provide great synergies to the brand and we believe that we have just seen the start of a fantastic journey together. ” Alexander Rodriguez Forsgren, Chief Operating Officer, ABG.

“With ABG as a new owner and partner we will have both the financial strength and the competence to scale up Natuvital to the next level both in the Nordics and globally. ” Robert Malmqvist, CEO, Natuvital.

The Active Brands Group Scandinavia AB (ABG) is a multinational company focusing on innovative products related to sports, health and other consumer goods. Our brands sell globally, primarily through sports retail chains. We are a diversified team with long experience from product development, sourcing, sales, e-commerce, marketing and distribution. We want to grow with our existing brands and through acquisitions and partnerships.

Natuvital – a Swedish hydration company! Natuvital was founded in 2006 and has developed into a specialized and leading player within electrolyte solutions. We focus on nutritional and rehydration food supplements with high quality formulas carefully developed in Sweden with the highest requirements. Our products are suitable for adults and kids that play, travel, work and play physical sports.

To learn more about Natuvital AB, visit Natuvital’s website.

Alexander Rodriguez Forsgren, Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Robert Malmqvist, CEO Natuvital