Active Brands Group Scandinavia has officially added forward-thinking, eco-conscious shoe care company Sneaker LAB to its portfolio of brands.

Stockholm, Sweden May 14, 2020 – Active Brands Group Scandinavia (ABG), known for identifying, nurturing, and distributing sustainable brands focused on active lifestyles, has added Sneaker LAB to its portfolio. Sneaker LAB offers advanced, environmentally friendly shoe care, cleaning, and protective products and is powered by a green philosophy aimed at protecting the planet.

– It is with pleasure and excitement that we begin working with Sneaker LAB, explains Pierre Garami, VP of International Sales at ABG. “The collaboration is a great expansion in our brand portfolio and fits well in our sport accessory product focus.”

Sneaker LAB offers a wide range of products, all of which focus on using natural solutions to combat odor and dirt while making activewear products last longer. The company also offers an innovative cleaner that eliminates dirt and stains without soap.

– Sneaker LAB is unique for their well-produced products, as well as their environmental focus and anti-bacterial recipe. The science behind the products, using enzymes to attack bad bacteria and germs instead of soap, is fascinating but also a smart innovation that our company and many customers can relate to. It is a great competitive advantage in our markets and it is the future of sneaker care, Garami continues.

– We’re excited about the opportunities that our partnership with Active Brands Group Scandinavia hold in the Nordic territory and surrounding developing markets, says Shian Kraak, Sneaker LAB CEO.

– COVID-19 has challenged the global economy and as a result we will be walking into a new retail environment that encompasses new consumer necessities and behaviour. A recent study published in the EID Journal has confirmed that COVID-19 is spread via the soles of your shoes. This is not surprising as we know that shoes can carry an average of 440 000 bacteria and germs within the first two weeks of wear. Studies have proven that pro-bacterial cleaning products, such as Sneaker LAB are 90% more effective than conventional cleaners at preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses. Being the only GREENTAG Certified sneaker care brand in the world and continuing to deliver on our CLEAN | CARE | PROTECT promise to our customers, we are confident and excited about what the future holds for our partnership with Active Brands Group Scandinavia, Shian Kraak continues.

Sneaker LAB’s unique product lineup, commitment to helping ensure footwear lasts longer, and reducing resource consumption, all made the company a perfect partner for Active Brands Group Scandinavia. In addition to being Green Tag-certified, Sneaker LAB’s products are all 100% biodegradable. Their products packaging is recyclable, and both the products and packaging have been independently tested and are Green Tag-certified.

The Active Brands Group Scandinavia AB – Active brands for Active people, but in the right way. They develop, sell, and distribute brands within the framework of ensuring people can remain active in a sustainable way. Today, the brands Aetrex, Ortho Movement, Sneaker LAB, Weightsoles, Knotely, and SmellWell are distributed and marketed within the company’s portfolio in more than 20 markets around the world.

Sneaker LAB – Sneaker LAB focuses on developing environmentally-friendly products and honoring their promise to CLEAN | CARE | PROTECT sneakers. The company is proudly South African and takes a fresh approach to shoe care in more than 60 nations. Sneaker LAB is built on a green philosophy that includes limiting the company’s impact and being environmentally friendly in all they do.

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