Varlion was born in 1993 in Argentina. One year after its existence, we opened our own factory in the city of Buenos Aires to develop our own design and production knowledge, always to the highest quality and best performance.

In 1995, we created the first Varlion racket, designed by the brand's founder, FĂ©lix Regalia, on a freehand graph paper with only rulers, compasses and a pencil.

It was the same year when we for the first time managed to make a 26 cm wide front blade (all were 24 cm) and we named it LETHAL WEAPON. Its form and its properties fell in love with the players and over time it became the best seller of the moment. This was our starting point for starting sales in Spain and South American countries.

This year has the launch of COLLECTION 2021-2022, the most special and with the greatest technical innovation we have ever made, consisting of the full range of products that a player may need.

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